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We hope you enjoy your stay and learn lots about who we are and what we do.

So what is a School Council?

The Ashbury Meadow School Council has been set up to involve children in the decisions made in our school, in order to make it an even better place.

How does it work?

Our School Council is made up of two representatives from each year (3 – 5) with the exception of Year 6 who provide three children. All School Councillors are normally voted for by their classmates at the start of each Autumn term. If they wish, children can remain on the School Council for a maximum of two years, however after that period, they must stand down and allow another child to join.

Two of the Year 6 School Councillors will lead the meetings, acting as Chairperson and Secretary respectively. The role of the Chairperson is to make sure that meetings run effectively and within the ground rules of the meeting, whereas the Secretary keeps track of what has been talked about and what decisions have been made. All of the School Councillors have a folder to keep their minutes, action plans and notes to take back to their Class Councils.

Once Councillors have been elected, they have to liaise between their own classes and report back to the full School Council which is held in the spare Y5 classroom every Thursday from 2.45 to 3.30. Members should lead Class Council meetings every Wednesday at 3pm to generate ideas and feedback. During the weekly School Council meetings, suggestions and ideas are discussed and then the group decides which items should be written into the action plan.

What are our beliefs?

 The School Council works to promote the six core values of Ashbury Meadow Primary School:

 ·Think before you speak, think before you act.

· Take care of yourself, each other and our school.

· Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

· Follow instructions first time.

· Be kind and friendly.

· Walk around school quietly. 

What we will be focusing on this autumn term.

During the first few months of School Council we will discuss the How to be a Smart School Councillor booklet. This will help the children realise the true meaning of their role and identify the skills they need to make the Ashbury Meadow School Council effective, successful and respected.

In the meetings, the children will establish:

· What a smart School Council is.

· What a smart School Councillor does.

· How to collect ideas.

· How to run a meeting.

· How to present our plans.

· How to conduct ourselves in a meeting.

· How to keep the rest of the school involved and interested in the School Council.

Our plans to promote the School Council. 

School Councils that tell the rest of the school what they’re up to are far more likely to get children involved in helping out and contributing ideas. From the beginning of our 2016/17 campaign, the School Council will celebrate all victories (big or small) that it has. We will revitalise the current display board in the dining hall and adopt a You Say: We Did: poster campaign. This will help create a positive feeling within the School Council and help the rest of the school realise that the group can make a difference in the school. 

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