Outdoor Learning Day at Nursery!

Today in EYFS we enjoyed our second outside learning day. All the staff came outside with the children to develop, model and play in the different areas outside. 

As our current topic in Nursery is 'Mini-beasts' Miss Millington suppported the children with their ideas to make a mini-beast pit in the construction area. We used books to help us find out what type of things the insects would like e.g. leaves, mud, sticks and logs and then using the wheelbarrows we went around the playground and woodland area collecting these resources. 

To encourage the Manchester Bee's to come into our playground Miss Lees did some planting with the children. Please take great care when walking around the flower beds and avoid walkig across them! 

Mrs Hodge further developed her performance area encouraging the children to make and hand out tickets and then perform to some of their favourite stories and films whilst Mrs Mculloch encouraged the use of mathematics in each of the areas. Mrs Sonada greatly improved our music area and prompted the children to make their own music playing loud and quiet noises or playing along to their favourite nursery rhymes.

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