Lesson: EYFS

Class: Reception L Year: 2018 - 2019

Friday is our 'Investigation Day' where we spend a term looking in depth at a particular topic. This term our topic has been 'Our Changing Planet' and our investigation focus has been recycling and looking after our planet. This week we were learning about food waste. In our snack area, we sometimes have left over fruit or vegetables that sometimes can go to waste if they haven't been eaten that week. Today, the children were making banana bread as this week we had lots of left over bananas. Firstly, the children went to wash their hands as we talked about the importance of being hygienic when we are cooking. The children helped with the weighing and mixing of the ingredients following a recipe, telling me to stop when the scales reached a particular amount. They particularly enjoyed mashing up the bananas with a fork and stirring the mixture before it went in the oven. We talked about the ingredients, where they come from and why it is important not to waste food. We baked our banana bread in the oven and in the afternoon we all got to taste our baking.

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