School Curriculum

At Ashbury Meadow, our curriculum is arranged around four curriculum areas: the Global Curriculum, the Problem Solving Curriculum, the Communication Curriculum and the Personal Development Curriculum led by curriculum teams. Each subject discipline belongs to one of the four curriculum areas. This enables pupils to experience a cohesive curriculum developing critical thinking skills in all four areas.

Our curriculum intent sets out our aims and objectives to ensure that pupils experience a fulfilling and engaging curriculum which meets the needs of all of our pupils and develops them both as learners and citizens. 

Whole School Curriculum Intent

The National Curriculum sets out the minimum content. We ensure that our pupils have the opportunity to learn additional skills and develop their knowledge and understanding fully. Our pastoral support team provides specialist interventions including social groups and nurture room activities to enable all pupils to develop the skills needed to access the National Curriculum. From EYFS to Year 6, pupils develop their language and communication skills through ELKLAN which is a fundamental part of our communication friendly school. We take part in sporting competitions and opportunities in the locality working closely with Manchester City Football Club who provide a specialist teacher across Key Stage 1 and 2. Through our Rights Respecting ethos, we teach personal development with every child having a personal development log to reflect and celebrate their growth as an individual, within the community and as a global citizen. We use Coram SCARF to teach PSHE.  The teaching of communication skills and resilience are supported by a specialist teacher from Commando Jo. We are supported by chess 4 schools who provide a specialist teacher for chess lessons.  We also have a specialist teacher to teach African drumming lessons. In order to ensure all pupils develop their cultural capital, learning outside of the classroom is threaded throughout our curriculum. All children are encouraged to develop resilience and healthy minds, independence, collaboration and curiosity and a strong sense of personal morality.


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