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Whole School Curriculum

At Ashbury Meadow we have been working to define our curriculum intent which sets out our aims and objectives to ensure that pupils experience a fullfilling and engaging curriculum which meets the needs of all of our pupils and develops them both as learners and citizens. We want to enable pupils to become enquiring, independent learners who are engaged actively in their learning by teachers who facilitate rather than direct. We encourage pupils to ask questions and find answers through project based learning that takes place both inside and outside of the classroom. We have engaged with Cornerstones Education to provide a curriculum based on four key areas: engage , develop, innovate and express. Please see the links below to read our curriculum intent and to find out more about the Cornerstones Curriculum.

The National Curriculum provides pupils with an introduction to the essential knowledge that they need to be educated citizens. It introduces pupils to the best that has been thought and said; and helps engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.

For further information about the curriculum, please contact your child’s class teacher or see your child's class page on the website.

Early Years Foundation Stage

In Early Years, the curriculum is planned around around the children's interests, both within the indoor and outdoor continuous provision, and supported by Cornerstones Early Years ILPs. Please see the files below to access the year group curriculums and supporting Cornerstones documents.



Project Based learning


As well as this we also hold a whole school local area study, based on project based learning using school, local and regional  resources to support learning outside of the classroom. All year groups from nursery to year six explore an aspect of their local area, starting with a question. This gives pupils an opportunity to take control of their learning, work co-operatively, learn about and feel pride in their local area  and in particular practise key geography and history skills and art and design with the end product being presented to parents and local community. Look out for further news about class projects.


Key stage one and early years also follow a phonics scheme to support the learning of reading and writing. All pupils at this age group are taught phonics at least once a day and parents are encouraged to join our parent work shops to learn how they can support their child at home when practising and applying their sounds. We base our phonics teaching on the Letters and Sounds scheme.

Curriculum Enrichment

At Ashbury Meadow we place a great importance on learning outside of the classroom; the value of school trips, visitors into school, after school clubs and other enrichment activities to enhance the  learning experience of pupils and promote their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, (SMSC) as well as strengthening links within the community. We run a breakfast club and after school club which are extremely well attended by both children from our own and other local schools.

Examples of after school clubs include: maths club, football club, street dance, chearleading, dodge ball, multi skills, gymnastics, choir and Polkadots for reception and KS1.

Year 6 attend an outdoor activity residential at the PGL centre, Borreaton Park, in Shropshire.

Trips and visitors into school are liked to the curriculum or an area of SMSC, such as crucial crew, NSPCC workshops, Manchester Dogs Home, Fire Safety and Community Police. For class trip information please see class news.

We are working closely with Central Library Archive department to use this as a resource to research our project based learning and have class trips to our local library too.

We work alongside Manchester City Football club, not only to enhance our sporting provision but to enhance pupils' life experiences, such as City Cooks and Disability Awareness.

We employ an artist in residence to develop the musical capacity of the school and ensure all pupils receive high quality teaching of music, as well as having their experience of music enhanced.


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