Meet Our Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff

Headteacher: Mrs L. Thomas

Deputy Headteacher: Mr N. Long

Nursery T: Mrs K Tate

Nursery M and phase leader : Miss L.  Millington

Reception L: Miss E. Lyne

Reception F and SENDCO  : Mr M Fuller

Year 1B Assistant Head & year 1 teacher Miss Z Brocklesby

Year 1J: Miss L. Jones

Year 2P: Miss S. Patterson

Year 2C: Miss L. Crean

Year 3D: Mr N. Dean

Year 3F: Miss H. Fox 

Year 4K: Mis S. Kerrison

Year 4J: Miss B. Johnson

Year 5C: Miss K. Constance

Year 5G and Phase Leader: Mr M. Gibson

Year 6L: Mr M. L'Argent

Year 6D: Miss H. Dempsey

PPA Cover: Mr S. Hewlett and Mr J. Irons

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Lead : Mrs K. Greenough

Pastoral assistants Miss A. Barratt & Miss J. Wilkinson






Contact the School

Ashbury Meadow Community Primary School

Rylance St
M11 3NA

Main Contact: Mrs Eve Peters

Tel: 0161 219 6630
Fax: 0161 231 0372

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