Global Curriculum

Global Curriculum

The global curriculum at Ashbury Meadow Primary School includes the subjects History, and Geography. Pupils are taught through an enquiry-based approach to learning, so that pupils develop the skills necessary to become independent learners. Children have the opportunity to participate in regular learning outside the classroom activities and global days. Through our International Schools Accreditation, pupils gain a greater understanding of the world we live in and to develop an understanding of different perspectives. Additionally, as a UNICEF rights respecting school, children’s rights are taught throughout History and Geography. Each year group participates in a local study to give them an understanding of the area they live in. Through this, pupils also have the opportunity to practise and embed their history and geography skills.

Geography Curriculum Intent

From EYFS to Year 6, pupils develop their geographical knowledge and skills in meaningful contexts. We make links between children’s family backgrounds to build location knowledge and thread this knowledge through topics, such as EYFS pupils acting as travel agents as part of their transport topic. Through whole school days, such as our global day and celebration of religious festivals, pupils increase cultural capital of the wider world. Fieldwork skills are embedded through orienteering afternoons and field trips. Each year group also takes part in a local visits, for example year 6 visit the Peak District as part of their learning about the impact of tourism. Our whole school initiatives, including rights respecting ethos and international partner schools, are threaded through our geography curriculum to make learning about other countries purposeful. We use support from the geographical association to ensure high quality teaching of geography.

History Curriculum Intent

From EYFS to Year 6, children develop their historical skills through a range of different experiences. In school we use historical artefacts which promote a curiosity for learning and greater understanding of the various methods of historical enquiry. This includes artefacts from the wider community, for example hosting an ancient Egyptian shabti from the Manchester Museum. History is brought to life for children through many different trips or visitors in school, such as the Grosvenor museum for Romans, Lyme Hall for Victorians and a Mayan workshop in school. We encourage pupils to learn about the lives of significant individuals through our whole school Significant Person Day, which encourages children to think about their life and the impact they had on the past. Also, children are exposed to a range of high-quality historical sources through the school’s membership with the Historical Association. We ensure history topics are covered in depth and are approached from a range of aspects.

Each year group take part in a local study, which combines aspects of both history and geography. The aims of these studies are to promote British values through an understanding and pride in the area they are growing up in and enable pupils to practise the skills they have learnt in geography and history, as well as develop their enquiry skills and independence as learners.



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