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Reception Newsletter April 2021 Summer 1

Emma (Mrs Brayshaw), Mandy (Miss Ward) - Reception Brayshaw


Martin (Mr Fuller), Kerry (Mrs Quayle-Sutcliffe), Rena (Mrs Landell) and Olivia (Miss McHugh) – Reception Fuller


We hope you all had a safe and relaxing Easter break. A big thank for all the home learning observations submitted to Tapestry during the Spring terms! We really appreciated all your hard work and support for the children’s learning.


Our Topic: Traditional Tales     

During this term, we will be finding out how traditional stories are written. We will learn all about the characters, the settings and the sequence of events. This will link to safety - we will be talking about issues of safety that arise from the stories, for instance- should ‘The Gingerbread Man’ have trusted a stranger (the fox)? All of the activities are aimed at developing your child’s understanding of right from wrong and what the consequences might be if they make the wrong decisions. The books we are going to be focusing on are Jack and the Beanstalk and The Gingerbread man! If you have any Traditional Tales at home, please share any you have with us e.g. Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Cinderella. There are also plenty of videos of these stories on YouTube if you don’t have the books or on the website

At this time of the year, we normally start to develop the children’s story writing. This will encourage the children to use their imaginations and begin to write or create a story using a beginning, middle and an end. We will look at all the different elements of what makes a good story. At Ashbury Meadow, we break down stories into 6 different parts and each part has its own special colour. Please use these colours when writing a story with your child as they will use these throughout school.


These are the ELKLAN colourful story colours- orange- who, where- red, beginning- green, problem- yellow, problem fixed- purple, end- blue. 

Who is in the story?

Where does it happen?

What happens in the beginning?

What was the problem?

How is the problem fixed?

The End.


Investigation Topic- This term our investigation topic is going to be buildings. We are going to be investigating which materials are best for making a house- just like the “Three Little Pigs”! We are going to be learning all about our own home and other people’s homes, shops and businesses.


A few quick reminders

Reading books – please make sure you listen to your child read each night. Talk about the pictures, practise any letters/words that are sent home and please make comments in the reading log. Due to Covid-19, we are going to be sending out reading books on Mondays only. Please can you return these books on Friday to allow the books to decontaminate over the weekend. If possible, please read any books that you may have at home or access the website “MyON” which each child has now been sent their own personal login for online books that will support your child’s early reading.

Outdoor play- please make sure your child has suitable clothing, waterproof coat, wellingtons, sunhat, gloves, etc. At this time of year with the weather getting warmer, please ensure that the children also have sun-cream, hats and sunglasses for the days where it is really sunny. We go outside everyday rain or shine.


Please remember to put names in all clothes, shoes, bags, lunch boxes, etc.


Homework – children will have a weekly homework sheets sent home along with their weekend diaries. Some of this work is through the online learning journey Tapestry. These do not take long to do and will reinforce their learning. It would be great to have your support in this as it is the foundation of starting to read and write.

Attendance and Punctuality – if your child is not in school on time or off school altogether, they miss out on so much learning – please make sure your child is in school, on time, every day.

Drop off and pick up- Please enter by the Myrtle Street entrance and keep a safe distance from other families. You will then be directed towards the Rylance street exit. Unfortunately, there will be no opportunity to stop and talk to others (including teachers) as it is important that there is a good flow of entering and exiting the school.

*  Please ensure you are wearing a mask during drop off/pick up and following the one-way system arrows. We do not want to be breaking/bursting bubbles and safety is a priority during these unprecedented times. *


Useful websites and online learning resources for at home


Reading and

Art and Design






  Children celebrating their 5th birthday this half term are:   

Adam and Miracle

A big happy birthday to you all.

Most importantly stay safe and healthy! Thank you for your support.

Reception Team

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